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    • "meal metabolism! ( ) Study and food is not two, but only be qualitative" at temple. Cooking the meal for the buddha by the heart , you have to think meditatation by the heart. We try to keep unique vegetarian recipes at Sanchon.
    • Sanchon Set Menu Appitizer Water kimchi Bing All kind of vegetables Kimchi
      Geotjeolyi Fern, bellflower Twigak Tofu Jelly
      Potato Seasoned deodeok Chop suey Twigimryu Sue herbs
      Fries Rice Stew Tea Yukwa
      Lunch (LUNCH) 33,000won (VAT included) / evening (DINNER) 45,000won (VAT included)
    • Some menus may vary depending on the season.Sanchon's menu prices are taxes (VAT) is included in the price.
      [Reservation] Phone 02-735-0312 / FAX 02-735-1900
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    • Nongju baegseju Soju Beer
      10,000won 8,000won Atype 7,000won
      Btype 10,000won
      Wine Fruit wine Grain wine Yangzhou
      Atype 60,000won
      Btype 45,000won
      15,000won 15,000won 120,000won
    • Ssanghwacha JujubeTea Citron Karin Tea
      6,000won 6,000won 6,000won 6,000won
    • Plum tea Ohmijacha Songcha
      7,000won 7,000won 7,000won